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Superior Effect LLC

We Make Homes Happy
Categories : TV Mounting

Amenities and Features

  • Free On Line Estimate
  • Home Maintenance & Repairs
  • Product Assembly & Installation
  • Smart Home
  • TV Mounting

Our services

Handyman repairs
$ 85.00 1 Hrs
· Perform minor home repairs (e.g. changing locks, fixing broken tiles, repairing drywall)

· Install shelves, TV mounts, and other simple fixtures.

· Caulk windows, doors, tubs, and showers.

· Paint Interior and exterior walls.

· Hang pictures, mirrors, and other wall decorations.

· Install appliances (such as dishwashers, and microwaves)

· Prepared estimates and provided cost-saving solutions to customers.

· Conducted routine and preventive maintenance on plumbing and electrical and HVAC


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